One of the most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong – Ocean Park


If you’re planning your trip in Hong Kong and wondering where to go, look no futher than Ocean Park. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong that can bring you unforgettable experiences.

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The park is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger of two sections is on the headlands of Nam Lang Shan Mountain. The smaller section is in the Wong Chuk Hang Valley lowlands. With an area of 170 acres, it’s one of the largest ocean park in the world.

The trip starts from the Main Entrance, through the Ocean Square. Aqua City is an all new marine themed area opened up to visitors in early 2011. The 3-storey Grand Aquarium in this area features various aquatic animals, especially over 5,000 precious fish of 400 species. The Lagoon district has amazing fountain show, Symbio, every night. Hilarious clowns, daring acrobats and delightful jugglers welcome you to the Skyfair Celebrations with a happy carnival setting. There is also a big and beautiful helium balloon which is 22 meters in diameter and lift off to 100 meters into the air. The young people would love to go to the Sea Life Carousel, having a ride on animal stars of the Grand Aquarium on the revolving platform.

Then you come upon the Amazing Asian Animals. Hong Kong Jockey Giant Panda Habitat, home to two lovely panda bears, Anan the male, and Jiajia the female. Both are very popular and appear contented in their lush green environs. You enjoy watching them eat and sleep. Beside the Giant Panda Habitat, there is the Ocean Express Waterfront Station, where you can take a fantastic train journey to the summit, the Rain Forest at first.

Around the Waterfront Plaza, there are also additional wildlife exhibits on the lowland section including the Amazing Bird Theater Emerald Trail, Goldfish Theater, as well as Sea Life Carouse which is just close to the cable station to the summit.

Ocean Park Hong Kong (via bemyguest)

Continue forward to the waterfront, you are coming to the Whiskers Harbor area. The Whiskers Theater has Mini Bird Show, Sea Lion Fun Time and delightful interactive Whiskers & Friends Show. More suitable for young kids, there are Animal Story Corner, Interactive Shadow Play, Whiskers Harbor Playground, Bouncer House, Frog Hopper, Whiskers Harbor Skill Games, etc.

What to explore

Taking the cable-car, visitors ascend to the Marine World, in the headland section. From the cable-car, you will have an unparalleled spectacular view of Hong Kong Island and the sublime South China Sea beyond. From here you can see the expanse of the marvelous maritime landscape comprised of Sea Jelly Spectacular, Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Ocean Theater, Ocean Park Tower and more others.

Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium tells a fascinating story of the Yangtze River. You will get to learn how the biodiversity of the Yangtze River. Chinese Sturgeon is an endangered Chinese fish species, regarded as the living fossil. You can also see endemic species of China Yangtze River, such as Chinese sucker fish, largemouth bronze gudgeon, Chinese spined bard.

Ocean Theater is the most famous and popular spot in the whole park. It is an open-air theater in which dolphins and sea lions stage a wonderful performance in a huge pond. Under the guidance of trainers, adorable dolphins and sea lions stand in a line or jump into water and raise theirs heads out of water. You will be thrilled by their theatrics.

Clown a round (via oceanpark)

The tower in the headland section is another aerial vantage point, with a height of 72 meters (about 236 feet). It’s slowly revolving cabin enables one to catch a panoramic view of the whole park when it rotates from the ground to the top.

Another new themed area open in 2011 is the Rain Forest, a kingdom of nature and animals. The Expedition Trail takes you to get close to more than 1000 animals of some 70 species, including the smallest monkey in the world and the world’s largest toucan. Take the Rapids raft river ride to have a fun exploration of the Rainforest.

The park is also famous for its many thrilling rides on the headland. The Abyss Turbo drop moves vertically on a 185 foot tower. As the platform slowly ascends, riders have an overall view of the whole park. The platform stops briefly at the top before it drops abruptly, surprising even the prepared. The thrill is hard to express. Flying Swing is another ride where tourists are swung in chairs as high as seven meters (about 23 feet) through a gyrating wave. When it begins to swing, it seems riders will be thrown off. Another very visceral ride is the Roller Coaster, the longest one in Hong Kong. It twists and swoops with a maximum speed of 77 kilometers (almost 48 miles) per hour. Screams reach a crescendo as trilled riders are briefly suspended upside down. The thrill remains even after the ride is over.

Grandly opened in December 2011, the Thrill  Mountain is a place full of screams and shrieks of excitement in a carnival atmosphere. There are several exciting rides, roller coaster ‘Hair Raiser’, ‘Flash’, ‘Whirly Bird, ‘Bumper Blaster’ and ‘Rev Rooster’. Go and test your bravery with every twist, turn and drop of the roller coasters!

The Polar Adventure coming in earlier 2012 invites visitors to meet with animal ambassadors from wintry wonderlands of the North Pole and South Pole, and to feel the chill of the tundra.

Hong Kong Ocean Park will fill your day with wonder, pleasure and excitement and reward you with satisfying memories.

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